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Rebuilt Steering Rack Review

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I had this steering vibration around 80.

I've replaced the ball joints, control arm bushings, balanced front wheels.
Still occurs.

Since I was going to put in the RCA's and the outer tie rods were
still factory with somewhat crusty boots, I decided to search for a rebuilt steering rack.

This is the place ->

$200 + core charge, lifetime warranty. Recommended by
several Volvo owners.

I popped out my old rack and the inner tie rods were loose.
Not surprising for 150K miles. I would say any MK2 over 100K is
probably suspect.

RCA's installed, new rack and a fresh alignment later, all I can say
is what a difference. Tight steering. The car feels almost new.

Note: Toyota does not produce rebuilt racks for the MK2. Only new ones. $$$
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:werd: I had this problem before
I got mine for $159.95+ $65 core charge but as for warranty I have no idea :?
I suspect between $150 and $200 is a good price.

The place I bought mine from is highly recommended by Volvo owners.

The Volvo factory rebuilds are just too expensive for these guys, no
real warranty and for some reason, these factory racks last 70K.
Does anyone know if these rack rebuilding places can make it a quicker ratio? I'd be interested in getting a quick ratio steering rack for the track. I think it would help a lot, especially with the large steering wheel.
I doubt it its a huge change. They need to change the actual driving pinion and rack slide. It could be accomplished with custom parts, but would cost a fortune. It would be far easier and cheaper to find a rack with the ratio you want and swap it in.

BTW if you are really handy you can rebuild the rack yourself. The gasket kit is like $40-50 IIRC from Toyota. Inside rod ends aren't that much more IIRC. I tried doing this on a spare leaky rack I had. I ended up getting stuck trying to remove the stopper nuts on the end of the housing (like THE last step) they were absolutely fricken tight. You need some sort of special tool in this case. This the only SST I would've needed, the others in the manual can be substitued.
Anyone from UK to help me to purchase the following item
An rebuilt Steering Gear Assembly + the Tie rod for my 84 Supra right hand drive.
I am from HK.
Manythanks my email is [email protected]
You should try to get them from Australia.
Probably cheaper shipping.
I got a rebuilt unit for mine some years ago for $Aus400
I'll have to try to find the receipt.
I think someone else got a rebuilt rack more recently here in Aus.
Was it Norbie?
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