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You have several options....

Metalready from is supposed to be very good. They also have rust-preventative paint that is reputed to be great. Damned expensive tho.

Also, MetalPrep 79 from these folks

I've used Ospho from because its cheap and it works beautifully and I can get it at Home Depot. I've even used a syringe to inject it into small cavities to neutralize rust on the inside.

Never had very good luck at all with Naval Jelly. Waste of money IMO.

Basically all derusters work alike, a mild phosphoric acid reacts with the rust to convert it to iron phosphate, an inert substance. Read how here Some products add zinc or other compounds as a primer/rust inhibitor.

Once you've neutralized the active rust, you'll need to prime and paint to seal it from moisture so it doesn't come back.

Phil D.
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