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replacement rear quarters

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well folks, i was browsing the bargain finder weekly at work, and i saw an ad for body panels, and as is my custom, i called about rear quarters for the supras.

the guy, john, was very helpful, and knew something about our cars, actually calling them celica supras, which gave me a spark of hope.
he did some looking and calling around, and they do list them, just dont stock them regularily.

rear quarter panels, from the belt moulding down to the bottom of the panel, full wheel archs.
$169.00 a side, canadian dollars.

theyre expected to arrive in something like three to four weeks, and im going to go and check them out.
ill take pics, and give you folks an idea what theyre like in person, and you can decide amongst yourselves if theyre worth it.

ill also, depending on interest, ask about a group buy possibility.

contact info:
john @ parts stop
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Sounds like a good idea 8)
and not a bad price(rust free). I had to wait for a while before one worthy of cutting came through the local you-pull-it yard.

From ~ 1/2 the wheel arc back cost me about $50.00
rear quarter panels

:D speaking of rear quarter panels, on my black 85 supra, the only rust spot/small hole is directly under the gas tank door, on the very bottom of the panel. is there anyway i can just buy the lower half of the panel or something or do I have to buy the whole rear panel? ARE THEY HARD TO PUT IN? ANY BODY DONE THIS? 8)
Depends how much cutting and welding you want to do.......the quarter has to be welded.
dogstar, those don't happen to include the inner walls too?
well, im not sure if they include the inner panels, ive got a pair coming to edmonton as we speak.... should be here within 6 weeks.

i spoke to john... group buy pricing will be avaliable, and im going to make a post in the group buy section.

just kind curious to get a rough number, and im sure he and i can discuss pricing in depth, he seemed pretty ready to offer a deal though :)

seamus, just make your own inner quarters =)

check these out, if you havnt seen them yet...

The new pinchweld

the new inner quarter

no leaks and rust free baby, oh yea!! =)

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oh, and..

well, not leak free the way you see it, cause it was ground and welded again, then seamsealed and undercoated. Good as new, and thicker too! =) weeeee!!

i'm with ****, made my own, rockers too.
yes thats what I was going to do with my cars as neither are all that bad, but I was asking as most Winter driven mk2s don't have anything left on the rear quaters below the impact strip, in and out. If your going to buy new panels, it would be nice to get the inners as well as they rust out worse then the outers.
well, i spoke to john on monday, looks like he got dibs on the panels, theyre on their way as i type.

im kinda anxious to see them, as i had to jam rags in my quarters for the last couple days i drove the car, trying to keep the slush out. :?
i did some checking, this guy hasnt gotten back to me yet, and it doesnt seem the quarters have come in yet, which sucks, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

i got a job in an autobody panel warehouse.
im going to search the catalogs tomorrow, assuming i get time, and see what parts there are for a supra, if any.
i have no idea whether id get a discount, or even if i can buy directly from them, but its worth a try if i can get it cheaply.

still trying to find quarters... my baby deserves them.
Dogstar, thanks for the effort. There are many who would jump on this if/when some become available, including myself.
thats what i was thinking, i know i need a pair for sure, and im sure there are others who need some, or just want them for spares.
i spoke to one of the warehouse managers today, he said he thinks they carry some supra parts, and he said that if i got a group buy together, it could probably be made to happen, theyd just sell directly to me, and charge out for shipping.

of course, we have to run this past the other bosses, but it could go well.
definetly. i have an 84 and i`s in really good condition ,,,,exceppppttt for the damn bottom part of the rear quarter.i look at her and i feel her pain!i am in if there is to be a group buy. or even if there isn`t!!!!
That's a very cheap price. I had a quote from Toyota 18 months ago for a rear quarter panel and it was £450 each in the UK. Are the new panels from Toyota are pattern parts.
well, im going to talk to the warehouse boss this coming week, and then im calling john at parts stop, to see if those fenders ever did come in.

with luck, i can arrange something :)
once again ,i am definetly in on this. [email protected]
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