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You'll need to check to see EXACTLY what tranny it is that you purchased!!!!

Your 85 has the A43DE tranny, which is the electronically controlled tranny. 82 Supra Automatic's have the A43DL, which is not the electronically controlled tranny. Since you also mentioned that it came from a 82 Cressida, would you happen to know what motor was in the Cressida??? I can't remember if the 82 MX Cressida's still had the 5ME/A43D Automatic setup, or the 5MGE/A43DL Automatic setup. If you still have access to the 82 Cressida, check the firewall dataplate & see what the tranny code says.

If you want to keep this easy, the best thing to do is to find any 83 - 86 MKII Supra that had the Automatic, all of them used the A43DE Automatic, this way, it's a very easy swap. If you are trying to swap in a A43D, or a A43DL, then you might run into a few problems. Like "why are the tranny ECU plugs different"???

Good luck..
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