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Removing the old is easy just try not to tear or break it unless its in really horrible shape. Why not remove the metal brackets for freshen up as well.
Re-install brackets and get ready for the rubber.
Be patient and start at the rear upper corner. You can work your way forwards or down but make sure the corner is in and tight before you move on as its near impossible to stretch much in either direction when its all in.
You are better off being a "little" short at both the lower connection points than being long.I used a cheap ass combination bicycle tire remover and spoke tightener to "squish" the lip into the bracket.
Wrap both ends in electrical tape for protection. After a couple of minutes you'll be flying along. Second piece will barely take you 15 minutes. Be forwarned that this nice shiny piece is brand new and your glass wont be used to it. It WILL seal WORSE than the old until it starts to conform.
For a total seal I have to open the doors before putting windows up which sucks :mad:
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