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83 Turbo '84 Dk Blue Auto-> 5 Spd... '85 ..gradually acquiring parts to Turbo ... have 82 Engine
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I had that on my 85 back in the day. That thing broke and allowed the wheel to shoot forward into the fender flare destroying it. Local shop just welded some angle iron on it and saved the day. No prob. Never got around to replacing the fender flare tho...
I did a write up on here... on replacing the Flare Studs with Stainless Steel... U can do it yourself if U are somewhat mechanically minded.

It's waaaay too expensive to ship the Flares... but if someone lives near the Toronto/ Kitchener-Waterloo area... I can do it for you...

Anyway...IMHO.. no need to throw out perfectly good flares.. when the only thing wrong is around $15 worth of Stainless Steel "Studs"

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