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Rev limiter on 84 5mge

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how do i know if my 84 5mgte has a rev limiter? it's a european (danish) model with no o2 sensor - if that has anything to say ...
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Uuu... slam on the gas and find out 8)
i didn't think our cars had rev limiters, if so whats it at, i've red lined in both my 84 and my 85 and never hit a rev limiter, maybe i'm a chicken but i'm not gonna keep redlining it.
Its around 6800 rpm you have to go past redline to hit it. I hit mine occasionally when autocrossing no ventilation in my block yet, I'm keeping my fingers crossed as more and more miles rack up and I keep racing the car.
yeah i've never even hit mine autocrossing. I have got up to 6000 but our autocross courses don't let me get over 2nd so usually that is as high as i get. but its nice to know i actually have one, i'm not gonna try to hit it though.
Yeah they tend to be pretty big and fast here. We have one site that is actually a real road course that they add cones to and call it an autocross, very fun!!!!!!!
I'll make a wager that the 5M's do have a rev limiter. I hit it a few times running hillclimbs here in PA. Don't ask me what the rev limit is, due to the fact I don't have a tach in the car. Hell, I don't even have a dash or interior either. Just an oil pressure and water temp gauge.

Joe B.
I have a tachometer in my car but it doesn't always work, on cold mornings its really slow and sometimes

I'd love a faster autocross almost every car keeps it in second here, we only have a parking lot at the ohio state university to run really we can't make them any faster.....if we had a different location maybe we could....
Ok just a question no O2 sensor? How does that work?

yes 5m's at least in the US do have a rev limiter...I know my 85 hits it at like 6600 rpm...everyone says it's supposed to be higher then that but that is when mine kicks in.

how do i know if my 84 5mgte has a rev limiter? it's a european (danish) model with no o2 sensor - if that has anything to say ...[/quote]
accidentally hit 7000 rpms one day sliding in the rain, damn sure didn't want to see if it would go past that ( was in my '85 Silpra P )
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