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Few weeks ago I posted about getting walked by an INtegra, well today was revenge day. Not the same guy, but still fun. I was turning left tp get on the interstate, and oncoming was an integra, turning right. I stopped first and had the right of way, and I start going, so he immediately blows the stop and hits it. I was pissed, so I (still in first) stop it. Im behind him on the onramp, and catching up to him. I hear the monster "grapefruit-shooter" exhaust tip blazing, but it didnt help :) By the end of the onramp, we were at about 85, and I was passing him. He looks over, I look over and we give the "nod" Got it up to 122, and I was ahead of him the whole time, climbing away. Finally we slow down, being caught in some traffic. I jumped in front of a few cars, so he was safely behind me for a while. Few minutes later, I hear the 4-foot-tip coming, and see him cut somebody off and punch it, now in the right lane, clear ahead, next to me. I drop into 3rd and hammer it. He had been gaining on me, then stopped, then I walked away from him up to about 110 I had 1.5 or 2 carlengths, then my exit came up and I ot off. Lots of fun, early morning so not much traffic (or cops!).
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