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rim question before i purchase

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well i decided on my rims...just one last question to ask before i order....

Is the bolt pattern 4-4.5 ?? this equals the 4.114 bolt circle right??

and if the center bore bigger than the 60.1mm (i think the one on the rim i want is 78mm) is this ok??
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yes, 4.5 is what you want. And if the center bore isn't the same then you definatly want bigger. Many will say that all our hubs are hubcentric and you must have wheels with the same center bore or adaptare hubcentric rings, but I've run many different combinations of aftermarket wheels over the years none of which had the same center bore and I've never had a problem :confused:

You should be able to get some rings for those wheels if you want them though.
hey tony so which wheels have you decided on getting?


I am getting the 5 star rims that i had posted from eagle alloy....i think they will look good...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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