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rim questions....will this rim fit ok??

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here is the site with the rim...

i know i need the 4-4.5 bolt pattern but i am unsure of the width to get in a 15"rim...
1) 7" with 0 offset
2) 8" with -30 offset
3) 10" with -45 offset.. :idea:

i do not think the 10" will fit, but will the other 2 fit... can i go with 7" front and 8" rears...or will both of these fit front and rear??
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hey tony

the 10" will not fit, at least from what i know, the 7 and 8" will fit perfectly. these look good and i was wondering if anyone could photoshop them onto a mk2 so we can all see what it looks like

Definetly #1 unless you want it to look like some kind of lowrider with the wheels sticking out. Besides its hard to find low profile wid tires for more than an 8" rim on 15 inchers.
charlie...i have a pic of the black in my posts..rim look almost the same...i can email it to you.. whats your email address
Yep, w/ a 8" wide rim, you will also want something that's close to a zero offset.

-30mm offset??? YIKES... Those WILL be sticking outside like lowrider wheels. Definetely don't want those.
wish they had 16" in this style..... they are only $140 canadian.each... i really wanted a 16 this style...i priced centerlines but could not beleive the price....yikes...$400.00 canadian a rim..
tony my email addy is [email protected]

you have to look through to get cheap prices on the centerlines b/c when i went to get an estimate on the thrusters at a dealer they told me 300-400 a wheel an di said the other day ive seen them for 189 and told them i was not born yesterday so i dont know why they quoted me 300-400 per wheel. yeh dont get the -30mm offset one

what is the total price for these wheels? In US dollars?


some on ebay right now... wrong bolt pattern but this will give you an idea what they cost in US dollars...with the conversion.. it seems about right...
An 8 inch wide wheel with -30mm offset would stick out about 1 7/8" further than the stock MKII wheel. I think Thats just a bit too far out for our fender flares to cover.

IMHO and If I figure correctly.....
The ideal offset for an 8 inch wide wheel is about -10 to -20mm. The wheel should stick out about an inch or inch and a quarter further than the stock MKII wheel, and be totally flush with the edge of the rear fender flare. Also... that should even out the front and rear track on the MKII, since the rear track is about an inch narrower than the front.

If you really want to push it, you could go with a -30 offset in the rear. But I think you would have to run some agressive negative camber, and or run some really narrow tires for tire to clear the fender and not look "Lowrider". So that wouldnt be practical for anything but a full race MKII.

Now thats just my opinion, and using my calculations based on my dont take it too seriously. Feel free to correct me If I'm wrong.

Edit: I made a mistake, so I changed a few things that were incorrect.
I was sleepy when I posted. :oops:
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what all finishes do they have?

polished and something else... it indicates it on the web page..
Been paying attention to this thread? It has all the info you need in it...

A -30mm on 8" wide wheels??? Don't think so!!!!!

A -30 will REALLY stick out too far on the front wheels... Yack..

Yes, a -30 will line up w/ the flares on the rear wheels... Which will look hella cool if your MKII is a 4x4, there would be plenty of clearance.. However, at stock height, the rear wheels would have fender & flare rubbing issues when the suspension compresses. If your suspension is lowered, you WILL have major rubbing issues, if not ruined tires.

My 16x8 0mm offset/no spacers Compomotive CXN's are set just right, I can't imagine seeing a -30mm offset & seeing my wheels stick out that far. This would have the same affect of putting my Compomotive setup on a L-Type MKII, the wheels would stick out.. :p
Forget these too, theres way better rims for cheaper in this thread, check out my post...
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