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Rims and tires

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I want to kind of keep my supra lookin stock..... I really like the look of the stock 85 supra rims. But, mine are lookin like crap cuz the original owner dosent know how to maintain a car......does anyone know where i could find oem wheels? also where can i find performace tires to fit that size rim, cuz at, i would have to upgrade to 16in rims and tires, they dont have performance tires for the stock 15s. But if i have to, I will go with 16s so i can get better tires for traction or what not.
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im guessing you have the 15x6 p-type looking wheel?? if so, then you can go to, they have the 15x6 wheel and the original 14x7 wheel all for pretty cheap
Brandon, check the FAQ on tires and wheels.

There are some 14" tires still available. If you upgrade go 16s or 17s

Check out Wheel1 search engine for 17s but be prepared for big $$ if you want 17s
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