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I want a set of RCA's (Roll Center Adjusters)

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Roll Center Adjusters ~$50/set

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Designed by DonL.

Mfg by me. T6061-T6 Anodized.

See Brakes and suspension for reasons.

$60/set + shipping.

If we reach 25 sets, $50/set + shipping.

New longer bolts is your job...

Payment Status:

Carlos Relova
Christian Ellingson
Justin Marlow
Loc Nguyen
Joe Bartek
Dale Klanchnik
Shaun Camantigue
Robert Bowles
Chad Zemer
Josh Rapier
Nicholas Reiser
Aaron Ingles
Sten Thornburg (3) <- the 15 mark!
Michael Dionne
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Cool, I have new Eibachs and Tokicos to install all at once... now need proper bushings pressed in and do it all at once.
Any sugestions? ( I am just learning the names for those front parts)
I just received them. They look great. I will install them this weekend along with new Eibachs and tokicos.

Thanks jdk_ii
I put RCA's in today Jim. The fit is excellant. no problems..

My car is a new man!! by installing Eibachs, Tokicos and the RCAs my car handles with a heck of a lot more confidence.. very little nose dive under hard braking. my car dropped about 1/2 inch because of the original springs sagging

Oh, for you guys who haven't had the lower ball joints changed in quite a whilet, you will need a strong arm with a good socket , pipe and benzene or hotter torch. WOW those 4 bolts were tough but it all ended up great.

Thanks again.
1 - 4 of 99 Posts
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