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I want a set of RCA's (Roll Center Adjusters)

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Roll Center Adjusters ~$50/set

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Designed by DonL.

Mfg by me. T6061-T6 Anodized.

See Brakes and suspension for reasons.

$60/set + shipping.

If we reach 25 sets, $50/set + shipping.

New longer bolts is your job...

Payment Status:

Carlos Relova
Christian Ellingson
Justin Marlow
Loc Nguyen
Joe Bartek
Dale Klanchnik
Shaun Camantigue
Robert Bowles
Chad Zemer
Josh Rapier
Nicholas Reiser
Aaron Ingles
Sten Thornburg (3) <- the 15 mark!
Michael Dionne
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To the Northwest RCA guys:

If you're not sure where to get your bolts, I had to buy 10 so I have 6 extra (1 set) with lock washers. I paid about 4 bucks for a bolt and washer. I'd go with the bolts from TTT. 10 bucks for the four is a steal!

If anyone is intrested in my extra set, I'll get rid of it for $20 shipped.

I recieved and installed mine today. Bolts with a 19mm head WILL work. You just have very little clearance for tools.

A bit of a tight fit into the strut housing. The raised section around the bolt holes are fine, but I had problems with the large center section. I ended up buying some other bolts that are a full thread so I used those and the Arm-strong machine to suck the RCA's to the strut housing.

I have 25 full thread bolts and lock washers if anybody needs some.

Driving Impression: WOW! Very nice. Steering in general feels better and bump steer almost gone totally. I have GC coilovers lowering the front over an inch....I think. Hard to tell. Fender gap is about an inch. Going around a REALLY bumpy corner on my way to work pretty fast before installing the RCA's damn near jumped my car into the other lane. Not now! :)

Overall, I'm very satisfied! :D

Jim, you're the man! 8)

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1 - 2 of 99 Posts
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