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I want a set of RCA's (Roll Center Adjusters)

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Roll Center Adjusters ~$50/set

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Designed by DonL.

Mfg by me. T6061-T6 Anodized.

See Brakes and suspension for reasons.

$60/set + shipping.

If we reach 25 sets, $50/set + shipping.

New longer bolts is your job...

Payment Status:

Carlos Relova
Christian Ellingson
Justin Marlow
Loc Nguyen
Joe Bartek
Dale Klanchnik
Shaun Camantigue
Robert Bowles
Chad Zemer
Josh Rapier
Nicholas Reiser
Aaron Ingles
Sten Thornburg (3) <- the 15 mark!
Michael Dionne
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Are you willing to post overseas? I saw this thread on the OCC, I am after some roll centre adjusters but they are very expensive from Whiteline over here. Like $200aud a set. If not, I'm sure one of my friends in the US or Canada on the OCC would be willing to recieve them instead and post them on, but obviously i'm paying for postage twice that way. Either way, I can paypal.

BTW if anyone want to see a little more info/fitting instructions for these things, try here:
Is everyone planning on running these with short-stoke stut inserts? I am a little concerned about this, have been talking about it on the OCC. Here are some quotes from Whiteline someone posted:

"Our Whiteline shocks supplied with our AE86 Sprinter kit have factory
body length, and shorter open length. This is necessary when fitting RCA
kit, as it otherwise pushes the control and steering arm further down,
past their full travel."

"...the reason why fitting ... RCA requires shorter shock OPEN length is
that the steering arm inner ball joint (rack end) does not have enough
articulation to allow for this extra rotation at FULL DROOP."


"You can try this if you like on your RA29 by raising the front and
supporting on safety chassis stands, then crack and remove the outer
steering-tie-rod end, and then see how much further you can push it
down. When we did this test, we found only an extra 10-15mm of extra
(Whiteline, Jan 17 2003)

Only alternative is to rig up straps to minimise drop - sounds dodgy to me. Anyone got any ideas?
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What I asked was "Whiteline also say you need short-stroke strut inserts to go with, but I think I should be ok with my
stiffer springs - shouldn't I?" and that was my response

Do you know what other cars these RCAs will fit? I have some other guys over here in Australia interested in the group buy, but i need to now which other cars they will fit. The whiteline part is the same as for the ae86 an ra28 celica, I believe, but that doesnt nessesarilly mean that THESE ones are.
Yes, I completly understand all that, I think what some people say is that on full droop...I guess like when the car is on a hoist, as I would hope it would never happen while driving... the shock will extend to its full travel, which will now overextend the control arm below stock, and beyond the balljoint's travel.

If the control arm just sits on the strut bar before it gets to this point of (stressing the balljoint??), and it would only ever happen while on a hoist or when jacking the car up, I don't see a problem.

Very good explaination pics BTW
Isn't the amount of droop of the control arm when the car is on a hoist determined by the length of the extended strut insert? Kind of hangs off it?So regardless of what the balljoint is doing, the control arm+wheel etc is going to want to hang down MORE than stock... the length of the fully extended damper+30mm instead of just the length of the fully extended damper.
Ok, I'll stop annoying you now :)
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