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Running without an Airfilter

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So I went AutoXing with my 85 Supra this last weekend. I've been a few times before, but not in one of my supras yet. I'd been dying to take it out, especially with my recent mods completed. Anyways, the only part of my intake and exhaust I hadn't upgraded yet was the air filter and air box. So I figured, what the hell, I'll just pull the stock dirty air filter, what could it hurt? Well on my forth run, I quickly noticed that the revs weren't dropping when I took my foot off the gas. Now this sort of thing might freak out the average driver but I've gotten used to it as some creative replumbing of a heater hose in my old 82 used to catch the throttle linkage now and then. I noticed it right away and shut the car off. Anyways, the throttle wouldn't close all the way, something was blocking it. Well yanked my intak pipe off and pulled one of the rubber seals that presses against the air filter in the stock air box out of my throttle body! Good thing it got caught on the butterfly valve. Anyhoo, these seals, theres two of them, one on either end of the stock airfilter, are only contact cemented on and can come off under extreme suction if the air filter isn't there to hold them tight. Thats my public service annoucment for the day :wink:

Did ok at the AutoX, but I was running on 400 tread wear "performance orientated" all seasons and my times reflected it, was struggling for traction all day. But it sure was fun! :D
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