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Your close on your understanding of how it works. What it does is modify the signal from the AFM that goes to the ECU. By modifying, it makes the ecu think the motor is getting more or less air than it really is. By the ECu thinking that its getting more or less air, it will change the duration of the injector pulse.

On a stock 5M, there's really no gain to be had with it, IMO. Once you start modding however, depending on how far you go, there could be some benefit to having it. If your going for a turbo, again IMO, that and a set of 295 CC/min injectors is the best way to handle fuel control.

As for putting it on and just having it on there... I wouldn't for two reasons..
1) its just something more that can go wrong and possibly cause problems.
2) If your anything even remotely like me... if its on there, your gonna play with it... which in some cases does more harm than good.

If you really have your heart set on installing it now, install it. get it dyno tuned, and then forget you have it until you start modding your car.
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