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Wanted to run this past some folks who may have run into the same situation....I installed an afc controller (Apexi) into my 5mgte to lean out my 295's....In my 85 MKII manual it indicates that their are two wires that deal with the AFM....In the book one is called "Vc" and the other is "Vs" is blue and the other is yellow and blue.....The instructions that I received instruct me to splice the "Vc" wire with the yellow and white.....I did this as instructed and for some reason it would not lean out my injectors......After that I did the same thing with the "Vs" wire and hooked the "Vc" back like it was orginally......after this I was able to lean the injectors as needed......I am not saying that the instruction were wrong but I wonder if there are others who have noticed this going on...............any advice will help..... :?:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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