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Sagging Drivers Side Rear

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I have had this problem for as long as I can remember, and would finally like to do something about it. The car sits noticeably lower in the drivers-side rear, than on the passenger side, almost an inch lower. Today I looked at the Eibachs and Bilsteins when I had the wheels off, and couldn't see anything obvious. After putting the new wheels on and lowering the car off the jack, it appeared to be level. However, after I drove it and got out, it was sagging in the drivers rear again (yea, I know I need to lose weight...). Any suggestions on what this might be? Thanks.
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Have you measured this or are you just getting this from different camber from side to side? I know my car is level side to side but I have twice as much camber on the right side (~1.5 vs ~3.0). The car has always looked like it sags on the RR corners. Its not to uncommon for cars to sag more on one end or side. Usually the fix is a new set of springs.
I will get out the measuring tape tonight. I will be bummed if my Eibachs are trashed, but I am have been thinking about throwing stock springs back on the back to help the camber issue. The difference is noticeable looking at the car from the rear. You can also tell by how much the tire sits up under the fender. The drivers side rear definitely sags lower.

New stock springs will raise the car back up, but then you give up the handling advantages of the stiffer Eibach springs.
Why not get or make some spacers to go above the rubber donut on top of the rear springs? That way you can lift the rear end back up a bit and still have the better performance springs. You could also make one side thicker than the other to correct whatever is causing your drivers side to be lower than the other.

Jim King has been talking about making these.... Locally, Toolman Tim says he did it with some hardwood cut to fit and it worked well. I'd prefer metal, but if it works....
same problem in mine......
drivers side lower by about and inch.....
plus bearing has tendancy to loosen up onit....
keeping stock on bearing set in toolbox seal and all....
just in case...
Don't think stock springs will help. Tried to do this on my 86.. When I complained about sagging back in 91, thinking that the Toyota springs had sagged over time. I had Toyota replace the stock springs with stock ones and it still looked the same. (And no, this wasn't a warranty nor a TSB.) A couple of years ago I replaced the susp with Eibachs and Tokicos. It improved it a bit still sagged a little. I'm beginning to think that it was due to constant pounding on that side (driver weight plus sheet metal getting pounded).
I was wondering about the driver weight issue. I usually drive alone, and weigh about 270 pounds.....
Chad... Mines the same, and I weigh in at 210 pounds..and I am the heaviest driver she has ever had. I think its just the suspension, for whatever reason, tends to put more of the Sprunbg weight of the car on that side.. possibly because the Rear puts power to that wheel before the LSD kicks in?
That is an interesting theory. I didn't realize that others had the same issue. I was worried that maybe something was broken. Anyway, I am taking the car into a suspension/alignment place on Wednesday, so I am going to have them take a look just to make sure everything looks OK. If it does, it looks like the thicker spacer on the top of the spring is the way to go to level out the car.
Yep I've got that same problem here. Driver's side sits about an inch lower than the passenger side. Bugs me too. Maybe I should change it to Right hand drive and even out the passenger side!! :lol:
Thats too funny Old Skool. :lol:

Continuing on the theme of sagging sides. Have you ever noticed how the front seats tend to sag towards each other on older cars? Remembered this on my 85, noticed it on my bosses 85 Celica convertible, and a few other cars. Seems the sheet metal gets its fair share of pounding.

<- still polishing parts for the 7th Annual Toyota Meet in Ohio. When does the polishing ever end????
My 83' also has a sagging rear, but it is equal on both sides. I have replaced the rear springs, but it still sits lower than I think it should.

My driver's seat also leans to the center, but I blieve that is because one of the slide tracks is slightly bent.
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