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Saving the Hawaiian Rust-bucket!

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Alright folks so it's my turn to add to the resto/build threads. It's not as riveting as some of the large builds we've all come to know and love, but I think we can all agree that we love seeing someone restore one of these beauties back to life.

A little about myself, I'm active duty Navy stationed in Hawaii. I've owned 3 other Supra's in my life so I've had plenty of experience working on them. This is by far he most challenging one I've owned.

The car being restored is a Hawaii native 86 Mk2. Previous owner had swapped a 2jzge into it from a 91 or 92 Lexus SC300. It was previously a drifting car (for the most part). That, coupled with deepening rust problems, can lead to a pretty big mess. In addition to the 2j, it has Megan coilovers in the front, RaptorRacing drilled rotors (front), T3 (something, not sure), Xcessive trans-mount, ect.

My overall goal for the car is to eliminate all rust. Update interior sound deadening material, upgrade majority of suspension parts, rebuild the 2j, swap to R154 transmission, give it a beautiful two-tone paint job. There's probably more but it's midnight here.

Enough of that, on to the pics:

You probably saw some of the rusty areas. Day 2, I started yanking all the interior to expose all the typical areas. I knew it was bad but I didn't know it was this bad.

From inside towards the hatch area:

From outside toward hatch:

Spare Tire Well is looking good, I'll hit it with a wire brush to get the "major" areas and will follow up by coating the whole cargo area in POR-15.

More to come...
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My hat is off to you and also AF85 for taking on these serious restoration projects. I have enjoyed reading your posts and checking out the prolific photo posting of progress. Im pretty spoiled with my rust-free garage queen 83 that I won from an eBay auction in San Francisco, then drove back home to Texas. That was in August of 2013 And the original mileage is still just shy of 100k. I‘m just impressed by the dedication that you and many other members of this forum have in saving some of these cars from being crushed or rotting away! Please keep the posts coming.
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