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Saving the Hawaiian Rust-bucket!

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Alright folks so it's my turn to add to the resto/build threads. It's not as riveting as some of the large builds we've all come to know and love, but I think we can all agree that we love seeing someone restore one of these beauties back to life.

A little about myself, I'm active duty Navy stationed in Hawaii. I've owned 3 other Supra's in my life so I've had plenty of experience working on them. This is by far he most challenging one I've owned.

The car being restored is a Hawaii native 86 Mk2. Previous owner had swapped a 2jzge into it from a 91 or 92 Lexus SC300. It was previously a drifting car (for the most part). That, coupled with deepening rust problems, can lead to a pretty big mess. In addition to the 2j, it has Megan coilovers in the front, RaptorRacing drilled rotors (front), T3 (something, not sure), Xcessive trans-mount, ect.

My overall goal for the car is to eliminate all rust. Update interior sound deadening material, upgrade majority of suspension parts, rebuild the 2j, swap to R154 transmission, give it a beautiful two-tone paint job. There's probably more but it's midnight here.

Enough of that, on to the pics:

You probably saw some of the rusty areas. Day 2, I started yanking all the interior to expose all the typical areas. I knew it was bad but I didn't know it was this bad.

From inside towards the hatch area:

From outside toward hatch:

Spare Tire Well is looking good, I'll hit it with a wire brush to get the "major" areas and will follow up by coating the whole cargo area in POR-15.

More to come...
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Hey Bro, that is an epic resto! Looking forward to seeing it whole again.
Aloha, long time no update. How's it going with your epic resto?
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