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They only thing I didnt like was all the freaking dumb ass ricers in the parking lot reving their engines and turning on their neon lights

Ah thats why all go see it in a couple of weeks after they all get busted for street racing. I try not to associate with ricers myself (just laugh at 'em). I noticed a fair amount of rice at the local theater myself on the way to the auto parts store. Funny thing at the auto parts store was some ricers working on their car in the lot with the hood open. Picture this early 90's Accord with neon green paint, black stock wheels in front and gigantic Pepboys Motegis in back, cut spring, clear taillights, F1 wing, a zillion stickers, basically everything from the rice aisle at Pepboys. The best part was the bone stock 4 cylinder engine :lol:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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