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LOL!!!!! Nice picture!!! :oops:

Yes, I went Friday night as well. Ended up going w/ the Seattle PacNW crew to Redmond Town Center. See the below link from the SupraForums.

Mine was the only MKII to show up, besides Rob Fenner's MKIII. Don Culbertson was unable to bring Agatha, already had family plans. :(

Somewhere in 1 of these pictures, is a picture of my sorry ass standing around like a dweeb.. :p At least I knew 80% of the group that was there.

And YES!!!!!! A friend of one of the MKIV owners VOLUNTEERED to babysit our Supra's while we were in the theater. No vandalism problems here. Just about everyone was "confidant" enough to leave their targa's off & l left the roof wide open...

The movie wasn't as cheesy as I thought it was going to be, compared to the original. Lots o scene's of BOV's going off. Still though, it made me wonder how many times all of the characters were shifting into 3rd or 4th when they were doing 100+ mph...

Damn.... No MKII in this sequal.... Oh well.

P.S. Bob!!!! "Single Wiper Conversion", AKA The "Uniwiper Mod". Yes, I poke fun at them as well. :lol:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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