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:D Just picked up an 89 donor car,hit in the front 110,000 miles.I/C is junk,who cares,$500.
Just had to share,been a long time since I found a deal like this 8)
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!!!!!!!!!nice score!!!!!!!!!!
You suck :D . I just bought a 90 turbo 5spd for about $400. I finally got lucky and went to an auction where someone didn't pay 10k for a 3k wrecked car.
you guys all suck this isn't fair, i want a donor car....... :puppydog:

no really great score.
Thanks guys :) Just fell into the deal.Interesting part,he just retired from the Marines,had the car shipped from Hawaii,and wrecked it less than a month later.Runs great,except when you hit the throttle.That big air hole where the I/C seperated,makes it not want ANY accelerator.
Now to dismantle the beast,so I can have my garage back for a few other projects in the works. 8)
Congrats.. The shoemaker's kid finally gets some shoes.... Thanks for putting my 100% reliable, way fun car together with Don.. over 2.5 years ago.. Jay B in AZ
Thanks much Jay.I'll be sure to pass on the complinents to Don also :)

Best part,now I don't have to decide-Turbo-Cressida or Supra.I have almost enough parts for both now.Supra first,as it's just sittng for the most part anyway,and I still haven't gotten Karrie a new car.
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