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Trying to get a tally of members in the SE TX, LA, MS, AL, FL areas. Any NOLA people?
Leave a message with location and contact info.


Jimi B
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I live here in Houston, TX. my email is [email protected] and AIM is: josh84mk2
Curious, what part of NoLA you in? I was stationed at Ft. Polk back in '87~89, but been thru Natchitoches and all the way up to Cabot AR on many, many weekends! Miss the Whattaburger up in Shreveport on the main highway heading north!
I'm in New Orleans, which is where I have lived for most of my years, though I've lived in other parts of the state and other areas as well (briefly).

I've hosted a few Mardi Gras meets in the past, which seem to have went well. Though I don't care much for Mardi Gras or the tourist-type places, it can be fun to show some visitors around.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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