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Several cars impounded, Gumballers arrested for speeding at 170 mph

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autoblog said:
We definitely saw this coming. We've been receiving some unconfirmed reports that several of the participants on this year's Gumball 3000 rally had their cars impounded, and the video after the jump is the first visual evidence we've seen. Apparently several of the Gumballers were driving well in excess of the posted speed limit, as high as 170 mph, resulting in three impounded cars, including a Bugatti Veyron, and the drivers going to jail. Follow the jump to hear the MonsterArmy team talk (NSFW) about the impounded cars and to see footage of the Bugatti Veyron getting loaded up onto the flatbed
Check out the photo gallery!!

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interesting event....i like the smokey and the bandit t/a. or was it the one from rocky.
Xj220 = ultimate gumball car, in style.
I like the Puma logo on the side. It's like a bunch of shoes.
Looks like the l/f tire on the TA needs some air......:eek4dance:
Looks like the l/f tire on the TA needs some air......:eek4dance:
That could kill a trip. That impounding sucks. I'm sure if people weren't being stupid and killing people more car shit would slide. We need an american Autobahn.
I know that some of those folks are doing 200+mph too.
what is gumball 3000 anyway?
Ouch ... yeah it was bound to happen sooner or later. Awesome cars. I haven't been following this particular Gumball ... but I did see them when they did the run to China last time.
what is gumball 3000 anyway?
3000 mile rally
I'm sure it's like the cannonball run.
yeah it's a lot like the cannonball run ... I've been to a couple of their sendoff events, pretty crazy.

main site:

Progress videos on YouTube:
Teckademics has produced most of the gumballs on dvd and some other endurence rallys with exotic cars. i own all of them they are all worth buying!
Xj220 = ultimate gumball car, in style.
Totally agree. The XJ220 is one of my dream cars. I've only ever seen one in real life. It was ridiculous. Very cool car.
Play with fire, you may get burned, or worse.
I swear I saw a Red Porche today at the shop by where I work. Had the Gumball l00king Sticker and looked like number 669. Don't know what in the world it would be doing all the way up here though. I'll try and get a Pic on my way home.
Isn't the gumball supposed to be underground?
Why were there cops at what appeared to be the start? And gumball decals?
Pretty crazy event either way.
So, they're supposed to be going the speed limit? Is that how they get away with this kind of event being allowed?
The start of the race was at D1GP at anaheim. was like a Hot import night guess D1GP USA got bought out by them so they made it more of a car show thing so they had the gumball and street bikes and go kart stuff instead of just drifting. and yeah they are supposed to go the speed limit or they will get a ticket theres no rule saying they cant break the speed limit but it can result in a no finish.
heh, I just did my own personal 4,000 mile cannonball run, and I never got caught speeding which I did most of the way, especially through Texas. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Would have been nice to have been travelling with a few other cars for company though. It definitely got lonely out there in the southwest...

and +1 for needing our own autobahn!
$44,000 to get into the race and drive across the united states in seven days. now, who ever wins, doesn't get anything. they get a trophey, and bragging rights. we actually moved a bunch of the cars from florida back to los angeles area, and some of these rich guys....for example, one guy, spent 15,000 on his phantom, to put a wine cooler in the backseat and had his driver drive him in the race lol. oh, and he was going to drive his SLR...BUT he figured it was too uncomfortable. so he flew his phantom from dubai and sent his SLR BACK to dubai....oooh...i wish i was rich.
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