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Shaved off door handles....

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well people.....Zank is no help with body work!!! :) can anyone help me out here? i would like to shave my door handles off...and i was wondering what i would need to do i get it off....what do i do? fill it with body filler?? unsure.....ur guys help will be much appreciated!!!! thanks!!! oh, and after i do it...what do i need to open the doors??? :lol:
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Talk to Avp23 on this board, he has shaved handles on his ride
LTypeSupra said:
oh, and after i do it...what do i need to open the doors??? :lol:
A can opener.
don't for god sake fill in the hole with body filler. get some one to do it for you. you will want to cut a piece of sheet metal to the size of the opening tack it in place with a mig welder and then only then smoth it off with body filler. as for the opening mechanism go with bear claw they make kits for cars and are fairly decent from what i hear. hope this helps.
your going to want some kinda auto/remote door opener...
i think has something that would work.

as far as the sheetmetal stuff, go to a body shop and get a quote.
theyll know how best to do it (cut a metal patch panel, weld it in, fill it, primer, paint...)

id also get them to install your door poppers.

its expensive... just a warning.
shaved door handles is like one of the last projects id touch AFTER i got every single mechanical part on the car working properly, and just before i got a final, high quality paintjob done.
Probably different for most of you - but where I live, shaved handles are illegal. How are the paramedics going to pull your mangled body from the burning car if they don't have the remote?


But I do like the look of shaved handles.
thats funny. im just looking through this forum at 1 in the morning and i run in to this. yea i shaved mine and its nice. long story behind it. its not as hard as it seems. i welded plates in the open hole and i bought this kit that came with a remote and door popers so its real simple. if you really want pictures i guess i could take some. hit me up.
Post pics!!
AVP23...nevermind...saw your site......Let me ask you this: How did you get your rear lenses so clean???
no alot has changed so the car looks alot differant, i haven't painted it yet but i'll talk about it more in a little
Hey...I had this Idea of shaving the door handles....having a remote to operate the locks.... And some how making the celica supra logo on the pillar a door latch release button. 8)

I guess its kinda pointless tho.
Of course I would never do something like that on any car I own. :?
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