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short stroke shocks required for rear?

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im about to lower the rear of my car using king springs.
Sposed to be abotu a 30mm drop.
will this be ok with the stock shocks? or will i need shorter stroke shocks liek for the front when i lowered that to keep the springs captive.

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if the springs are stiffer then stock, which they probably are, you will need stiffer shocks (then oem at least) or you will get a really bouncy ride.

They only get tighter the lower it goes...

i can get kyb and monroe for trade price.
but what i meant is will the springs be captive or do i need to get shorter shocks so they will remain captive?
Each spring is different depending on the rates. Some have alonger extended length than others. i don't know of anyone using King springs, so you'll have to just put them on and find out.

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