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Should I buy it?

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I am new to this forum, but i have been a supra fan sincd day one. Anyway. I found this 84 celica and near perfect condidtion. I mean i looks like it was driven off the showroom. It has only 43,000 miles..all original. I looked it all over for rust..No rust. And i drove it and tried everything all out. Now here is whats wrong. When going at highway speeds 70-80h mph. and you let off the gas the check engine light blinks on real quick. Then there is also a sound from the rear end. not like a clanking noise. More like a winning noise, like something is making too much friction. Both only acure when the car is going fast/accelerating and you let off the gas. The rear end noise is very faint. windows must be down, and you gotta listen real good. The guy is asking 5,000. Should i get it. should i be concerned?
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Check eng light as you described more than likely O2 sensor. Next question change the LSD oil and add friction modifier.

If the car is as nice as described then its worth $5K
if the cars mint, then buy it, but why not spend 30 or 40 bucks and have a mechanic check it out first :)

and IIRC our rear ends do make a bit of a whine, i think they have straight cut gears or something, which tend to wail very lightly.

if its a loud noise, and you didnt describe it as such, then you start worrying.
Thanks guys, I am having a mechanic look at it, and i figured the check engine was an o2 sensor. The gear noise is the only thing that bothered me. I dont mind spending money on things to get get fixed (part of owning a car) Just wanted to make sure its nothing too major. It's wierd that all supras have a whine in there rear end. Ill post pics when i get some.

How reliable will this car be. I want to drive a lot, but i dont want it to break down too much. What are some problems that typicly occure?
With what you described, I wldnt be afraid to buy it. O2 sensors are cheap and easy enough to replace, and pretty much all the W58 LSD cars clunk. Some Redline tranny oil might help, though I havent used it myself.

These cars are about as bulletproof as they come. Though keep in mind it is a 20 year old car, and old cars do break down from time to time. Parts are slowly becoming harder to find, so mechanical ability and creativity are great assets with old car ownership if you catch my drift. Watch out for leaky motor seals with a low mileage car like you have there. Also a rusty gas tank and gunked-up fuel pump are possible problems for cars which have sat parked alot.

Good luck, and post pix when you bring it home!!!!
In my experience, these old Supras mechanically are about as bulletproof as they come. In any event, most mechanical parts are readily available should something break. However, age factors in more so than mileage now. Anything made out of plastic or rubber will have deteriorated to some degree over time. That means that it could be prone to leaks from the various seals and hoses so you'll want to keep your eye on those and/or replace them right away. Heat and cold cycling and ultraviolet radiation from being outdoors is a killer on the plastic, vinyl and weatherstripping. Interior and some trim parts are now unavailable new from the dealer so if garage-kept all its life, and it sounds like it from your description, it is a holy grail type find. Not having seen it personally, I hesitate to say you should buy it or what its worth, but if its truely mint and the mileage is correct, then its well worth $5000. For comparison, I have spent in the neighborhood of $6000 to have a Supra repainted, refinish wheels and replace a bunch of exterior trim to make it look new again. You could pay a lot more than $5000 for a mint supra and still come out better than trying to restore one from average condition. Of course now that you've asked our advice about it, you are of course OBLIGATED to bring it to the next Supra meet to show it off.

Phil D.
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