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Sick of the rain and my Supra

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Well i have an insane idea. Is it possible and has anyone here took a front cut of a all trac celica and made there supra all trac or is there any way else. How costly would this be???? It would be nice to have all trac and a beafy engine to go along with it. So my idea would be to just use the tranny , other front componits and sell the enigine...WELL??????
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It's called traction control. In other words use your right foot properly. If your not smart you can wreck even the most fool proof best tired car around. Heck look at all the SUVs you see stuck in the ditch in a snow storm. I'm pretty sure the SO3s aren't even meant to be driven in the rain, although I've heard they are pretty good.
No need to I own a set of them. Never drove in the rain with them though. Great handling tire in the dry though. I'm pretty sure they are sold as a high performance summer only tire hence the reason I said they're not really meant for it. Although I've never had any problem driving on summer tires in the winter.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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