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Sick of the rain and my Supra

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Well i have an insane idea. Is it possible and has anyone here took a front cut of a all trac celica and made there supra all trac or is there any way else. How costly would this be???? It would be nice to have all trac and a beafy engine to go along with it. So my idea would be to just use the tranny , other front componits and sell the enigine...WELL??????
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thats why southern cali > rest of cali :p no snow lil rain, all fun :D
my advice, learn to drive stick on a light pickup truck. :D not too much power to go nuts in, but still fun. plus u get used to RWD that way and learn to drive stick at the same time without wrecking the tranny too bad since its not that much weight
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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