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Sick of the rain and my Supra

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Well i have an insane idea. Is it possible and has anyone here took a front cut of a all trac celica and made there supra all trac or is there any way else. How costly would this be???? It would be nice to have all trac and a beafy engine to go along with it. So my idea would be to just use the tranny , other front componits and sell the enigine...WELL??????
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snow is great fun, if your any good at driving.

and i must add... my supra, with no weight in the tank, bald 245s, and my heavy foot, is much easier to drive than my ranger, with a full tank of gas, brand new 195 allseasons, and 300lb of weight in the back.

MUCH more controllable, and even with 3x the air space, heats up just as quickly.
ChanSecodina said:
I just got an 85 Supra the other day...and I do have to say its been kinda crazy getting used to this whole rear wheel drive setup. Before that I drove an 82 honda accord. It was pretty hard to get it to lose traction no matter what I did and it (obviously) tended towards understeer. I've already done a full 180 in the supra, completely by accident. :oops: I am &*%#ing lucky that I didn't hit anything.:shock: I really have to find someplace big and flat (and empty and free of cops) where I can get used to driving this car in the rain. For now I'm taking corners like an old lady (slow and completely off the throttle), cause I really do not want to do something stupid and mess up my car or worse hurt someone in an accident.
It is a great car though, and other than the fact that I am not completely used to handling it in the rain, I really love it. It will just take some getting used to. :)

my advice is to go find a big parking lot, home depots or loews are great, and talk to the manager...then call the cops and let them know the manager oked it, and that your just trying to brush up on your winter defensive driving, could they please let officers in the area know.

most of the time, if you approach it properly and respectfully, you can find a place and time to do it.
lol, i dunno, ive never had a problem doing it, done it many a time... the worst place in town to do it though, is the zoo... just ask chavez about that night we went down there to play in the gravel... i think the cops took a whopping 15 seconds getting down the hill to take a look.

i find home depot seems to be good, most of their staff dont care, and someones liable to say yes. :)

good enough for me.
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