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Sick of the rain and my Supra

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Well i have an insane idea. Is it possible and has anyone here took a front cut of a all trac celica and made there supra all trac or is there any way else. How costly would this be???? It would be nice to have all trac and a beafy engine to go along with it. So my idea would be to just use the tranny , other front componits and sell the enigine...WELL??????
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Get some decent tires! And if you can't for the stock rims (which you can't), get new rims! Its funny, I just got that 82-98 Supra book. Even back in 82 they were bitching about how poor the supras grip is in the snow and rain with the stock tires.
that was actually more directed to people with stock supras. I'm sure you could find some rubber to keep that thing planted though. Theres lots of sticky rubber out there
dogstar said:
my advice is to go find a big parking lot, home depots or loews are great, and talk to the manager...then call the cops and let them know the manager oked it, and that your just trying to brush up on your winter defensive driving, could they please let officers in the area know.

most of the time, if you approach it properly and respectfully, you can find a place and time to do it.
As a good friend once said, "its easier to ask for forgivness then permisision". I can't imagine any manager saying yes to a request like that. Just find an obscure parking lot with no one in it in a somewhat remote area sometime late at night and get a feel for your car, just don't hang around too long.
the home depot lots are great for it, unfortuantly they are well aware of that here. They all have a night security guy sitting in a car on the lot all night. I've found a few great ones in the lower mainland though. Unforutantly the only decent one where I live now is pretty small.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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