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Side View Mirrors

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Has anyone taken apart their sideview mirrors?...heres my dilemmia.Drivers side view mirror housing was cracked and happened to find a perfect one on a celica, only to find out that the electrical connector is not compatible with the wiring in the car-wrong type.Anyways Id like to use the old mirror assemble and just change the housing.Is that possible and which screws should i remove...any tips whold be great appreciated because I can't see buying another mirror just because of this problem
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I bet it would be easier to change the wiring. The housings become real brittle. They run about $130 brand new. If you can make the wiring work, you may be better off than messing with the brittle plastic.
The Celica and Supra mirrors are only different by electronics. The Supra has a heated mirror option, thus different wiring harnesses. The housings can be swapped. First you need to remove the mirror glass itself. That's simple enough.

* Look at the end of the housing, the area that bolts to the car.
* You will see the "hooked" end of an extension spring looped around the end of the housing.
* Using needle nose and/or a screwdriver, pull the spring, it'll be a strong pull.
* When the hook is free you will be able to rotate the hinged housing much easier.
* Looking inside the housing you will be able to see how the mirror glass is attached to the motor mechanism.
* If memory serves me correctly, the mirror should just be attached by pressure fit ball and socket joints.
* Gently push the mirror glass from behind to pop the ball and socket fitting apart.
* You will now have unrestricted access to the motor and electronics you need to swap.

Done with mirrors.
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I got the same problem. I would like to just change the connectors. But I don't have the wiring schematic for the Supra. Can someone post the wiring diagram for the Supra mirrows. I think I can change the connectors and make mine work. The housings do become very brittle. So I'm hoping to avoid changing out the guts and just change connectors.

Thanks for the tip Marblehead may your hatch never leak and your spare tire well never rust......
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