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sideview mirror hinge... how to get it back on?

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I'm putting a restraining order on my gf to keep her away from my cars. Bad things happen when she gets near them.

Anyway, where my driver side mirror took a hit and it broke the the plastic the screws mount into. There was enough there however for the screws that they seem to grab properly.

During the process though, I undid the screw holding the spring(stupid me). Now it's in the mirror and seems to require and incredible amount of force to get it stretch so I can put it back.

Is there an easier way to do this? Right now a bit of tape is keeping it from just flopping back and forth.
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Oh man! I did this when I replaced the housing a while back! That spring is a real pain in da arse to get back on! If I remember correctly, I used a screwdriver to stretch it back over to the hole, but I also remember a lot of blood from my thumb too! Maybe someone else has pics or a "how-to" because for the life of me, I can't seem to remember exactly what I did! I think its been blocked from my memory forever!!!
Good luck!
I'm about to replace the passenger side mirror housing (when the part arrives) - did anyone ever send a how-to guide on this? Prefer to avoid bleeding on my car! :)
Check the local yards.........I've got 3-4 complete pairs of mirrors if you need one.

When your mirror arrives (soon as you get back to me) replacing the mirror assembly is HELLA SUPER easy. It can be done by yourself, but it would not hurt to have a 2nd person there to hold the mirror assembly.

1. Remove triangular shaped panel cover.

2. Fish out the wiring harness that is shoved in there. Disconnect harness plug.

3. Loosen 3 screws. 1 is "sort of" on the outside of the door, just above the weather seal/strip. The other 2 are inside that little area where you removed the cover. I loosen the bottom screw first (try not to drop this screw inside the door). Remove the top screw last. Either roll down the window & hold onto the mirror when loosening this screw, or have a 2nd person hold the mirror. Then again, since the mirror housing is broken you may not care if it falls to the ground. :D

4. Install new mirror & reassemble.

Hope you like the replacement mirror when it arrives!!!
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I would like to buy one of the good condition passenger side mirror from one of you guys! It would be for an '84 (if that matters). LMK cost plus shipping. Thanks. :)
if there is more than one then i would also like a passenger side mirror. i have an 83.. if it matters.
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