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how many would prefer twin over single?

  • single turbo like everbody else?

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  • twin turbo like nobody else?

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i have a fabricater on hand with a mandrel tube bender on its way. will make manifolds for mkii's if anybody is interested? stainless steel of course. if i have enough people interested i could have them made for around 600-700 bucks. keep in mind this is a twin turbo manifold. i will be using my car for the initial make of this manifold. will be using 2 td-04 turbos or similar turbos with internal wastegates due to simplicity and engine room. those who are interested let me know a.s.a.p.! if any, suggestions or comments are very welcome, technical or other. the first 10 orders will need to be filled before this can be made possible. also the first 20 will be getting a discount up to 35% off.

for more information you can e-mail me at [email protected], this is my personal e-mail so please be considerate.

also can make bolt pattern for any turbo if you supply the gasket to make a copy of it for your very own turbo setup, what ever it may be.

can also make single turbo manifolds aswell!!!!!!
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