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Another one of my boyhood heroes has gone.

Frank Williams was a team owner in Formula 1 auto racing. His team won 9 Constructors' Championships and 7 Drivers' Championships.
An interesting character. He started as a driver and a mechanic in formula 1. He was so poor he lived in his car when starting his first team. He ran this team out of a phone booth when he couldn't pay the bills. His obsession was formula 1 and his team ultimately became one of the most successful of all time.

He became a quadriplegic in 1986 after a stupid accident in the south of France where he hit a car at high speed. He got on with running his team.

Alan Jones, Keke Rosberg, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet, and Jacques Villeneuve won world championships with Williams.

He was a flawed character, but one who strived to excel. There are few real personalities left in Formula 1, and he was one of them.
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