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Are you going to the Vagas Surpa meet this Oct. ?

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So how many of you are going to Vegas

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Just like the title says. How many of you are going to Vagas this year?
Im talking about the big Vegas Supra meet :wink: :p
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I'm almost certain I won't be going this year at all :( . I'm just not happy yet with where I'm at with the car right now. Altough you can never say never. I made myself a promise to bring the Supra next time. I keep mistaking the Supra and Solara shows and bring the wrong car :wink: . Kinda sucks too because I'd like to do the road course event. BTW its vEgas :D
Definitely going again this year. This will be year SIX for me (I missed the inaugural event in 97).

For those of you that are going, PLEASE remember to RSVP yourself @ the Supras Invade Vegas Website at More than likely, once again I will be the MKII contact for Keith Hart.

For all the newbies that will be coming to the Vegas meet this year, I should be pretty easy to find. I'm either in the Luxor Garage constantly cleaning my 85 Redpra, or I'm usually 1 of 2 peeps who's cruising around on a skateboard (besides fellow MKIII owner Steve Micheal).

Anyone want to donate some $$$$$$ to me, so that I can get the Silver Slug shipped down there??? :D :D :lol: Vegas is the VERY LAST of the big major meets that has not had a MKI participate in yet (Texas, E-Town & Toronto already have had MKI's participate).

Damit Aaron!!!! Was looking forward to finally seeing the Silver 85 this year, so that we can stop giving your grief about you bringing the Solara every year.. :D
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I want to thank the MkII community for participating in this event. I've heard many people that think this is a MkIV event - that distinction belongs to another meet.

Each year I see some of the nicest MkIIs around show up in Vegas. I enjoy watching the MkIIs compete alongside the MkIIIs and MkIVs in every category.

Having said that... can ANYONE stop Don? :)

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm. It is your energy - along with the other generations - that keeps me going on this event. This is a celebration of the Supra.

The RSVP page is available on the official website... and the registration page is coming soon.

What is the difference between RSVP and Registration? In order to make this event bigger and better we have had to add a small registration fee. There are quite a few things included in that fee such as discounts on the activities at the event and having a T-shirt in the size of your choice waiting for you at the Show.

I am also excited to announce a fourth day to this year's event. We are finally going to have a full road course.

Don't miss this one.

Supras Invade Las Vegas
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KeithH said:
Having said that... can ANYONE stop Don? :)
Hmmm, maybe next year :D

I will be definatly going this year in my SDR 85 though, hopefully I can get it painted before then.
I would encourage everyone to come to Vegas that can. It really is a great event for mk2s - fourteen times as many as come to the Texas meets (I used to be the only mk2 to show but I've skipped the last two because of it). I've been to Vegas three times, twice driving the silver 6m-gte car and once by plane. Its a great chance to see some awsome mk2s and probably more importantly, to meet some of your fellow members face to face. For those I've met more than once and come to know somewhat, I can now imagine your facial expressions in reaction to some of the posts here as well as your gestures as your type your replies. Some of you are very comical and don't even know it! :lol: Unfortunately I can never commit till the last minute but I will try. I'd like to bring my redpra this year but if time and health don't allow, I may fly in again.

Phil D.
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Bring it Phil, the power of the SDR Redpra will be felt this year! Mine, yours, Bob S's and Chris Engs should all be there!
Well, I would almost sell my mother to be there, but as of now, I won't be able to go. School starts right around then, and I can't miss any days...
SupraFiend said:
Bring it Phil, the power of the SDR Redpra will be felt this year! Mine, yours, Bob S's and Chris Engs should all be there!
You can add another SDR to that list. :wink:
As I see it right now I might be going. If I do I'll be taking my 84 White mk2
Unless something seriously crappy happens this year (knock on wood) I plan to be there, and I've already RSVP'd for the event.

Last year got screwed up because of Tonya's jet ski accident, but this year I'm "Tonya-less" so unless something happens to me directly...I should be at the Luxor with the rest of you.

As for someone giving Don C a run - if I had the extra $$$ to part with, I'd love to join the 7MGTE conversion club and see how competitive I'd be on the 1/4 mile.

Or...if a Rabid Chimp turbo kit should happen to land on my 5MGE between now and October, that could be cool too. ;)
I'm always in, but this time I am going to have someone ELSE take videos and pictures.

For the last 2 years I spent my time doing that and did not get to check out any supras or talk with people.

I hope joel T makes it..
My bet is on Joel T. If he shows then things will get exciting. Another Russ-like drag night!

This should be interesting... Myself, Phil Dupler (maybe), Seamus Epp, Bob Sully (maybe, unless the 84 Blupra comes), and Jason Moorman may come. That's 5 SDR's already. Throw in Alan Goodsite's 85 SDR (argoodlv on the Yahoo list) that he picked up last year and didn't really tell anybody, and we just might have 6 SDR's in Vegas...

Archie Bowles????? When do we get to finally see your 86 SDR??? (yeah, I know, the last 2 years it's been daughters soccer playoffs). :D

Plus.... Who can't forget Alan G last year when he shows up @ the Show N Shine with THREE MKII's.. 8) (his 84 2-tone Bluepra, the 85 Redpra & the 85 Whitepra 5MGTE (hope Alan got that oil leak fixed).

Glad to see that our Vegas Event Coordinator (and PacNW Regional Coordinator Keith Hart, whom I just saw yesterday) has finally made it to our Forums. :lol:
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I dont know. I want to go, but my car is FAR from show quality (to put it micely) :) . If I get it looking decent by then, Ill be there. I know we mk2 owners arent very populous (sp?), and I would LOVE to show up not only to see it all, but to increase our numbers, but I dont want to just get made fun of for winning the worst-looking-mk2 contest. And I also dont want to show w/o my mk2 with me! So we'll see what happens.
what you lack in looks, make up for in volume. I see you have 2 12s in your car, theres other ways to impress :D Come anyways! You probably won't have the most beat mk2 there, and not all of them are garage queens either. Mine sure isn't. It looks nice in pictures and the interior is pretty good but I've got rust, dings, dents, side to side key scratchs, a few chips and oxidization, and I'll proudly be there whether I get the car painted this year or not!
If I can go to a meet and bring my car than anyone can. Just ask anyonw who has seen the blue door! Chris E? :) You know it is bad when someone refers to you car as the one with bondo. And no it wasn't really alot of bondo just some filler and worn paint! I might even be there to terrorize Chris E at the drags! :lol:

Yeah, even Josh Rapier beats me in the drag races.. I still make fun of him & his Blue door, but at least now his interior looks much nicer (I sent him some Gray Leather seats & other misc items). Can't wait till the rest of the car finally get's painted.

As for the bondo comment...... JUST REMEMBER!!!!! Guilly Polo now REGRETS selling his Black 85 for that Crapmaro that he bought later!!!! 8) And he did immediately apologize... Not all AZ MKIV owners are jerks, Guilly is one of the nicers ones when you meet him in person.

Now for the rest of you who have been there in the past & remember Mario Icalano's Maroon 85 w/ the oxidized paint..... DON'T WORRY!!!! Just explain that it's a resto in progress!!!! The more the merrier!!! We're VERY happy if we can get our numbers up from the previous year.
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Now, you guys are really teasing me to go Vegas... if I have the time and $$$ by then... then I might go but the MK2 will stay at VA for I am not done yet with my car... alot of stuffs are still in progress... well I might just fly and hook up with you guys there... I hope I can get the same motel you guys are staying at... I will just have to see about my sched...

Okay, thats it. Gotta go! I thought this was a thing where people with garage-queens all get together, and the daily drivers arent welcome. Well, mine is a resto in progress... SLOW progress. :) But, provided the cash to drive down there is available then, Im there. Never been to vegas, but I suppose not being 21 till Feb. wont help much either! Ill probably be the youngest guy there. :oops: Oh well, it will be worth it.
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