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Are you going to the Vagas Surpa meet this Oct. ?

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So how many of you are going to Vegas

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Just like the title says. How many of you are going to Vagas this year?
Im talking about the big Vegas Supra meet :wink: :p
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Unless something seriously crappy happens this year (knock on wood) I plan to be there, and I've already RSVP'd for the event.

Last year got screwed up because of Tonya's jet ski accident, but this year I'm "Tonya-less" so unless something happens to me directly...I should be at the Luxor with the rest of you.

As for someone giving Don C a run - if I had the extra $$$ to part with, I'd love to join the 7MGTE conversion club and see how competitive I'd be on the 1/4 mile.

Or...if a Rabid Chimp turbo kit should happen to land on my 5MGE between now and October, that could be cool too. ;)
We need to find out how many Mk2 people are going to Vegas this year and have everyone join the caravan along the way. Perhaps the PAC NW peeps could meet up with the ones in Nor Cal, and then just work your way down the state adding Supra owners as you go.

I would join in as you guys come through Fresno and just go from there.

Chris E - what do you think? Does this sound do-able?
Malloy said:
I cant wait to crash the mk2 caravan in a bright orange/red Mustang :twisted:

Only YOU would do something like that! Heh...ok man...

I DARE YOU to crash our little caravan with your mighty Rustang. : )

By the way, is that your Jetta in your sig? It's ummm....a lot LOWER than it looked in the last pic I saw.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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