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Are you going to the Vagas Surpa meet this Oct. ?

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I want to thank the MkII community for participating in this event. I've heard many people that think this is a MkIV event - that distinction belongs to another meet.

Each year I see some of the nicest MkIIs around show up in Vegas. I enjoy watching the MkIIs compete alongside the MkIIIs and MkIVs in every category.

Having said that... can ANYONE stop Don? :)

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm. It is your energy - along with the other generations - that keeps me going on this event. This is a celebration of the Supra.

The RSVP page is available on the official website... and the registration page is coming soon.

What is the difference between RSVP and Registration? In order to make this event bigger and better we have had to add a small registration fee. There are quite a few things included in that fee such as discounts on the activities at the event and having a T-shirt in the size of your choice waiting for you at the Show.

I am also excited to announce a fourth day to this year's event. We are finally going to have a full road course.

Don't miss this one.

Supras Invade Las Vegas
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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