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Are you going to the Vagas Surpa meet this Oct. ?

  • Im going...WOO HOOO

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I would encourage everyone to come to Vegas that can. It really is a great event for mk2s - fourteen times as many as come to the Texas meets (I used to be the only mk2 to show but I've skipped the last two because of it). I've been to Vegas three times, twice driving the silver 6m-gte car and once by plane. Its a great chance to see some awsome mk2s and probably more importantly, to meet some of your fellow members face to face. For those I've met more than once and come to know somewhat, I can now imagine your facial expressions in reaction to some of the posts here as well as your gestures as your type your replies. Some of you are very comical and don't even know it! :lol: Unfortunately I can never commit till the last minute but I will try. I'd like to bring my redpra this year but if time and health don't allow, I may fly in again.

Phil D.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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