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Are you going to the Vagas Surpa meet this Oct. ?

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So how many of you are going to Vegas

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Just like the title says. How many of you are going to Vagas this year?
Im talking about the big Vegas Supra meet :wink: :p
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id love to go to vegas, but im going to be starting a new job here soon.

whether i get time off or not will decide on the trip for me... everyone cross your fingers :D
im so down to bring my car to the vegas meet, but unfortunatly im afraid the girl wouldnt be able to make it there. Itd be the worst to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down supra and not make to the meet. Ill for sure be there in person though..
Im also planning on going this year and ofcoures ill be taking my SDR.

Yeah, even Josh Rapier beats me in the drag races.. I still make fun of him & his Blue door, but at least now his interior looks much nicer (I sent him some Gray Leather seats & other misc items). Can't wait till the rest of the car finally get's painted.

As for the bondo comment...... JUST REMEMBER!!!!! Guilly Polo now REGRETS selling his Black 85 for that Crapmaro that he bought later!!!! 8) And he did immediately apologize... Not all AZ MKIV owners are jerks, Guilly is one of the nicers ones when you meet him in person.

Now for the rest of you who have been there in the past & remember Mario Icalano's Maroon 85 w/ the oxidized paint..... DON'T WORRY!!!! Just explain that it's a resto in progress!!!! The more the merrier!!! We're VERY happy if we can get our numbers up from the previous year.
Don't worry Chris I knew Guilly wasn't being mean at all. I just thought you might like hearing that story again. I may be arriving this year with the blue door again. Lets keep those fingers crossed. The car won't get painted that soon! I have to take it down the drag strip to see how it compares now with all the new mods. The SS MAF conversion will be in by then and perhaps also a larger throttle body! :D

Is Jamie planning to show this year?

If I get enough cash sometime I'm getting another MKII, 85 SDR like mom use to own. Can you say 7MGTE project car? Aren't dreams fun!

Where in California are you located???? Watch the occasional Vegas thread that pop's up here, or the Yahoo list, or "maybe" the SupraForums, or one of the Regional groups & go down in a Caravan??? I'll ALWAYS go down w/ at least 1 other Supra & never go down solo.

Yeah, I know Guilly wasn't being mean... The story is still pretty amusing though, esp when he blurted it out in front of several MKII owners.

Don't know if Jamie is going to Vegas this year. She's been pretty busy lately. Busy enough, that she's passing up on the Baxter's Historical Races meet in July this year. :/

OHHHH....... :D I get to see the Blue door again @ Vegas??? :D :D 8) Can't wait to see your latest mods (the Split Second MAF, the Thorley Headers and maybe the enlarged TB??). Nothing has changed with me, other than TRD plug wires (from Malloy), and valve stem seals (ie: no more mesquito fogging).
Im over in Antioch California, way out in the boon docks east of the bay area. I may have to lookin into one of those caravans, looks like a good time to bond with the other fellow supra fanatics.
We need to find out how many Mk2 people are going to Vegas this year and have everyone join the caravan along the way. Perhaps the PAC NW peeps could meet up with the ones in Nor Cal, and then just work your way down the state adding Supra owners as you go.

I would join in as you guys come through Fresno and just go from there.

Chris E - what do you think? Does this sound do-able?
I cant wait to crash the mk2 caravan in a bright orange/red Mustang :twisted:
Malloy said:
I cant wait to crash the mk2 caravan in a bright orange/red Mustang :twisted:

Only YOU would do something like that! Heh...ok man...

I DARE YOU to crash our little caravan with your mighty Rustang. : )

By the way, is that your Jetta in your sig? It's ummm....a lot LOWER than it looked in the last pic I saw.
I'll be headed to Vegas this year. Hopefully I'll be done with the 7m and be able to take the mk2. I was only able to take it back in 99. Every other year my car has always been down when Vegas rolled around.

if i have a supra by then I'll try to make it (grr it sucks haveing a hot 6m and nothing to put it in)

Senor Sidman,

Meeting up w/ one of the PacNW caravan's is probably a good idea, it has been done before (99, we hooked up w/ one of the Bay Area groups). As for myself, at this point, we (myself, Keith Hart & Chris Jensen) have not decided on a departure date yet. It will either be Saturday, 9/28, or Monday 9/30. More than likely, we will follow the same route that we have done for the last 3 years (I-5 to Sacramento, then 99 to ???? for our overnight stop (last year, we did Portland to Bakersfield in 13 hours), cutover the Mojave to Barstow, then to I-15). Will eventually have something planned in the next 2 - 3 months.

Hopefully, Malloy will be renting another version of the Malloy Pimpmobile other than a Bright Orange Rustang drop-top. :lol:
Vegas? Am I going to Vegas? Is the Pope Catholic???

I went to my first one last year and had way too much fun. My only regret is not knowing about this meet before....and I've had the Blupra for 16 years. Don't know how why I'd never heard of it!!

Anyway, I'm flipping a coin as to which car to bring...the Blupra went last year and did pretty well :), but looks like it'd have a lot more competition this year. The Redpra will likely be going in for a respray (same color, naturally) soon, and I've got another Brullen system on the way. It's shaping up nicely so far. It'd be great to have a bunch of SDRs together!

To the guy who was hesitant to come because his car isn't a show queen - DON'T SWEAT IT!!! Chris Kanten came down from Colorado last year in his beater '83 L-type and had a great time - as I recall, he actually won the MkII class at the drags!

Looking forward to it - only 4 months to go!!!!

-- Bob --
You have to love this quote
Vegas? Am I going to Vegas? Is the Pope Catholic???

Supras Invade Las Vegas - Lucky Number 7
October 2 - 5, 2003
Road Course Rally - Show-and-Shine - Drag Showdown - Dyno Challenge
The largest All Supra event on the planet
Do you feel lucky?
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