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SOLD '86 Mark II rolling shell in Wisconsin

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The car is almost rust-free. It was from Georgia, and was never driven in the winter since moving North. You can see in the 4th pic where there is some surface rust on the hatch near the base of the spoiler. In the next pic you can see where someone backed too close to the rear quarter panel on the drivers side - 5th pic. The paint is in good shape on the vertical surfaces, but faded on the hood, hatch, bumper and roof. The pictures show the faded paint and minor rust.
If you're in or near Southern Wisconsin and you have a rusty Mark II Supra with a good engine/transmission and interior this would be a good car to acquire and transfer your good stuff from your rustbucket.
The suspension is Ground control 425lb springs in front with koni yellow shocks, and KYB gas adjust shocks rear. It is now rolling on stock wheels, the Snypers do not come with it.
Recap: needs engine, transmission, wiper motor, outside mirrors, and most of the interior and dash. I have a large cache of parts - fenders, doors, hatches, interior parts, etc. so if your rustbucket needs some additional parts, I should have them for you.
Asking $666.
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Dave, the want is high there. But I'm too far away. However..... You could help me out a bunch. All those doors, and the car itself, could you snap pics of the data plates on them so I can account for them in the MK2 Registry? '82-'86 Toyota Supra / Celica XX Registry
Same here. If you lived in Texas I would come get it tonight. Well I should say in North Texas since you could drive for like 9 hours straight and still be in Texas. Anyway we do make a trip up to Milwaukee once a year to visit my family. It would be awfully tempting to swing by and grab this along the way. I'm hoping we can still make it this year once covid-19 is over. If you still have this then lets definitely talk.

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As if you need to drive up from Texas to get rust free MK2s! They are pitching them in the trash over in Cali!
As if you need to drive up from Texas to get rust free MK2s! They are pitching them in the trash over in Cali!
Must be nice! I need to make some friends in Cali Interestingly enough there's not many around here for sale. Or I'm just not looking in the wrong places. The one close by that may be for sale is a show car @jugalo. @PB unloaded his mk2s and has one left. @pdupler has one that i know of. He may have others tucked away there in FT. Worth. People are either hoarding hidden mk2s here or they just don't exist. What do the other north texas peeps think? I bought my car from las vegas. It spent most of its life in New Mexico. Did a small stint in Minnesota and ended up in vegas when I snatched it.

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Here is jugalo impressive restauration thread in 2007.
Jugalo's car is for sale? WAH! for this one - it's a great price for what's there, someone should snatch it up quick.

Sent you a text Dave, these recent pics?
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Wow, this is my old car. I gave up on her because of what turned out to be just a timing belt and tps being a couple teeth off.
Sorry Ken
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