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Some Weird Little Compact Car Being Used For Camping

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I was out today at a restaurant and saw this in the parking lot.
Well, I hear it gets good fuel economy.

Some people will do anything...

A Yakima cargo box...

And a dual bicycle rack on the back.


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I'll actually take the Cayman to Costco. It has a surprising amount of cargo room, less so for people.
I'll actually take the Cayman to Costco. It has a surprising amount of cargo room, less so for people.
I don't disagree with that. But to me it seems like sacrilege to ruin the lines with all this stuff. I can only imagine that the drip rails are going to be damaged too.
I'm sure this fellow won't be taking off the cargo box and the bicycle rack during the trip, so why not just take a minivan.

It would be like taking a Kentucky Derby winning thoroughbred on a trail ride.

It's just wrong!
hahah reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson when he turned the bentley into offroad...
That's one of those things that you do when you are too young to be able to afford all your hobbies. So you've just graduated college with an engineering degree and you are fascinated with Porsches. You're not yet making the big money, but you can eeek out the monthly payment on a used Cayman. You also enjoy the great outdoors but you're already upside down on your sports car so you can't afford a second vehicle, let alone another pricey one ideal for that hobby like a Jeep or Landcruiser. So what do you do when you want to go camping and mountain biking? You break out the credit card and buy some accessories for your Cayman to turn it into, at least temporarily, a small SUV. What we have here is a Porsche Bronco Sport. The ground is surely rumbling in the Zell Valley during this guy's vacation.
I mean that's a 996 so it's not super valuable anymore.
^ I think the average 996 is probably worth only slightly more than the average MK2.
My point exactly!

If I saw a Mk2 outfitted like this, I would have to chastise the offender severely.
20 years ago, when MK2's were being given away, okay, but now that the remaining cars are getting harder to find, it's just plain wrong.

I'm not particularly a Porsche fan, but they ARE nice cars. I'm sure if a Porsche factory engineer walked by this, he would have to be restrained!

Like putting ketchup on cereal, it just shouldn't be done.

Oh, and by the way, I do think that it's pretty funny...

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