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sorry for the odd title, but i remember someone asking just recently what it meant when the charge light and ebrake light came on.
i couldnt remember exactly where id read that till i was reading through the SONIC maintenance notes...

"Your original alternator is very easy to rebuild and will usually only need new brushes. If your Supras emergency brake light and charge warning light came on together when your alternator failed, your alternator will need a voltage regulator as well as new brushes. The slip rings on the Denso rotor are seldom worn because they are made of stainless steel."

"With the MA-60 series cars there is a common condition with the charging system. It is actually a handy indicator of the problem. If your MA-60 supra alerts you with a charge warning light and brake warning light at the same time the problem is in your voltage regulator, located inside the alternator."
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