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Something I doubt anyone has ever seen...

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I was just watching the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots game and saw something i've never seen in the history of football. A helmet broke in half...literally broke in half...quite a site, dont' know how it happened, didn't get caught on camera till after it happened...but the player was ok in the altercation, i was searching for a picture, but it hasn't been put up yet...i'm sure it will be and if i find it i will update.

Its just amazing i think.....
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Yeah, I've seen helmets fly off people's heads, people bashing heads together, etc but have never seen something like that. Wow. I missed that game, was too busy watching the Packers kick the Bears' asses. That was pretty neat once they actually started playing (2nd qtr.)
Patriots just rocked that game! 1st place!
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