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sounds like i'm pumping air...

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question, i did my brakes the other night on my tc and, all i did was, push the piston back on the caliper, put new pads, and closed the caliper and done! well when i got in the car, i started it, and the pedal went straight to the floor. so i figured, i'll just bleed them and problem solved. well, long story short, i bled all four calipers, starting with the one farthest from the reservoir and NOW it sounds like when i hit the brake, air is being pumped through the lines, or there is a leak. here is the interesting thing, it sounds like it's coming from the ABS...

now, the car stops fine and everything, but when you push the brake, it doesn't get harder as you push it, it's like one slow descent to the floor. i'm going to take it to Toyota today, multiple people said it sounds like it has a vacuum leak, just thought i'd ask you wonderful intelligent people first. thanks for your input ahead of time.
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Most newer ABS equipped Toyotas require a power bleeding. Even my MkIV had problems getting all the air out. Shouldn't have to worry about pushing fluid back into the system as previously mentioned...and seriously doubt you have a MC failure...VERY rare to have one fail on a Toyota these days
ra24man you're right. i took it to toyota, they told me i had to power bleed it. one is like 60 dollars. toyota wanted $150.00 to power bleed the brakes. so! for future reference to everyone, most new cars, with ABS, need to be power bleeded. for those of you that don't know what that is, it's simply, pressurizing the system from the reservoir. it looks pretty simple. i'm going to try it tonight, i'll let you know how it went. thanks for all the info guys!
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