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If you are going to go 20 PSI..... forged pistons, a MHG and the decking of the block and the head will run you $1500 alone.

You dont want to raise compression for forced induction on our engines.

To get 20 PSI you are going to need:
decent IC and pipng $1200 for the Rabbid chimp stuff
Bigger injectors and clips $50-100 for used + 125 for cleaning
Forged pistons $800-1000
2.0mm MHG $185
Deck block and head $200
ARP head studs $180
ARP conn rod bolts $160
Oil line kit for turbo $120
Turbo $200-1100 depending brand and effiency. For 20psi you want an efficent one.
MAF conversion or SAFC $300-600
Then you have all of your misc parts like gaskets and hoses.

That also doesnt take into account the cost of whatever other work you get done to the head and block when you rebuild it.

I have Over $4000 into my 5mgte conversion and I am running a used ct26 turbo and wont go above 10psi. That is with a complete engine rebuild. Most people opt for a 7mgte conversion. You can do it for about as much.

Good luck
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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