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souped up 5m suggestions

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Hey, I'm gonna soupe up my 5mge this summer, this is what I'm thinking... I wanna have the engine rebuilt, the pistons bored out, then make the pistons high compression and y'know, just the basics to make that all work, then I wanna stick on a turbo and shoot for about 20psi of boost. I think I can do this all for about $1500 and I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on what I could do with it, I'm shooting for about 400bhp with the turbo putting in 20psi, but if I can't hit 20psi do you guys know any way I could hit 400 without using as much boost from the turbo? Also, any good exhaust and headers and crap like that I should check out for that kinda power?
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assuming you deleted the pollution control, ran the japense engine management electronics, and ran the octane level of gas they run over there that is. It takes more then just the mechanical parts to get the factory claimed 190hp of the 6m
yes this is all true, but people who just drop in 6m long blocks do not dyno at 160rwhp+, that was my point. You implied in your previous post that all it takes is the mechanicals to get 190 crank hp.

Hey does anybody know this for sure. I've alwasy heard the 6m comes with bigger intake runners, this helps make some of that extra power. Now are those runners the same ones or same size as those on our domestic 84+ 5ms, or are they even bigger?
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