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souped up 5m suggestions

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Hey, I'm gonna soupe up my 5mge this summer, this is what I'm thinking... I wanna have the engine rebuilt, the pistons bored out, then make the pistons high compression and y'know, just the basics to make that all work, then I wanna stick on a turbo and shoot for about 20psi of boost. I think I can do this all for about $1500 and I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on what I could do with it, I'm shooting for about 400bhp with the turbo putting in 20psi, but if I can't hit 20psi do you guys know any way I could hit 400 without using as much boost from the turbo? Also, any good exhaust and headers and crap like that I should check out for that kinda power?
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Thats a very valid point, but in my circumstances, regulations are a pain in the bumb when i change the engine, even going turbo will make me get the car inspected for the road. Coppers around here pull any car over which looks kinda sporty :p I really want to know if the 7mgeu crank can go in a 5mgeu, and stroke it to 3L, then wouldnt the 5mgeu be nearing the 190hp figures anyway? Or would it be less due to the head differences? (7mgeu are 200hp) i cant see why i couldnt get 250+hp from a 5mgeu with a T3, large cooler and some other bits n pieces..
It can indeed it is the exact same crank that is in the 6M, infact on 7M cranks the 6M is still cast on it (on all three of the 7M cranks I have seen anyways)

You would also have to get a 6M/7M harmonic balancer because the 5M's is a different diameter. Beacuse of this different diameter you will need crank seals for a 6M/7M as well.

You would also need a 84+ head with the larger intake runners to make the HP you want. So then basically your talking about building a 6M and it would be exactly 190hp at the flywheel or 160rwhp.

assuming you deleted the pollution control, ran the japense engine management electronics, and ran the octane level of gas they run over there that is. It takes more then just the mechanical parts to get the factory claimed 190hp of the 6m
"Deleting the polution control" is as easy as using the 6M intake plenum or "3000 " pipe instead of our "EFI" plenum.

As far as fuel octane, they dyno 160rwhp on 87 octane here in ontario, however some ppl here run Sunoco or UPI Ultra 94 if they advance timing to over 14 degrees.

Japanese octane ratings are higher but are rated differently than ours so 94 octane cdn fuel is not very much lower than the pump gas in Japan from what I have read. But again the 6M runs fine on 87 and octane does not effect horse power at all, it just prevents detonation. In cases where ppl say running higher octane improves there performance in the turbo car, this is usually due to the fact under detonation most turbo engines will pull timing, so higher ocatne is not giving them more power its just preventing the CPU from robbing them of any.

As far as electronics the 5M computer can run the motor just fine, the engine may come on but this is due to high airflow through AFM I am told same as you get the engine light with the AFM mod. Some ppl will run 210 injectors from a corolla to avoid leaning the mixture out but from the 6M's I have seen this is not necessary.

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yes this is all true, but people who just drop in 6m long blocks do not dyno at 160rwhp+, that was my point. You implied in your previous post that all it takes is the mechanicals to get 190 crank hp.

Hey does anybody know this for sure. I've alwasy heard the 6m comes with bigger intake runners, this helps make some of that extra power. Now are those runners the same ones or same size as those on our domestic 84+ 5ms, or are they even bigger?
The 6M intake runners that I've seen look the same as the 84 and up D-shape runners. The runner to plenum gasket for a 5M matches up as well. The 6MGE truly is the engine that should've been put in the MKII from the factory. My guess is that Toyota made the 5MGE as an export engine to meet the emissions requirements of various states within the U.S. and abroad. Hmmm..IIRC, the later model 5MGE is rated at 160 HP?? Is this correct? I guess the secret to unlocking some of the advantages of the added cubes of the 6M is to get ahold of a 6M ECU. I think Toysport still sells the 6M ECU but for $$$$ The 6MGE is becoming a more and more popular swap these days since the 5M and 6M look nearly identical under the hood. I don't think you can swap the 7M reciprocating assembly into a 5M block, but I don't know for sure?? :?:
I got a little carried away with my remarks on aftermarket turbo kits for the 5M! Sorry about that! After all, I own a kit myself. :roll:
yeah you can run the reciprocation parts of a 7M into a 5M by having the block machined like hell to fir the big storke engine to the 2.8L block... that is alot of money and time to get it perfect and not having problems with it..
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