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today iw as in a tad bit of a hurry to get to my friend's house, and happened to be on a nice empty road. looking at the speedo, i realized the needle was already passing 160 (km/h), so might as well go for it. the needle seemed to be bouncing off the peg (210), at least 4 times to my count, and it first hit it at 5200 rpm. about the time i hit 5800 rpm, i decided it might be an idea to start slowing down for the stop sign.
later, i began to get curious as to exactly how fast i had been travelling, so after a bit of playing around, a bit of internet searching, and a bit of math, i took the rear end ratio (3.727), the tranny ratio (1.000 in 4th), the engine rpm (5800), and the tire ize (245/50R16) and calculated the exact speed i has been travelling. 190km/h is what i got, yet at lower speeds, my speedometer seems quite accurate, or at least within the 4% different size from the stock tires.

ive noticed before that it seems to really move pat the range of 160, but though it was just because that i approxamately where the powerband for 4th is.

coles notes: in a hurry went fast, pegged needle, calculated by gear ratio, tires etc, speedo not accurate

so after the long drawn out story, here is my question: is there something i can do about this seemingly high speed only inaccuracy? it this a common thing? and what are the odds my speedo is inaccurate all the way through the range?

sorry for the length


edit: nevermind, i think it was just the road i was driving on happened to be a tad bumpy. today i took it to ~200 on the freeway, no needle shake, and it was accurate as well. speed is fun, if addictive, and dangeous drug.
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